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    One of the most photographed and popular villages along the Italian Riviera, with a decidedly romantic and affluent aura, Portofino has been a popular destination for the rich and famous since the 60’s, which was when visitors started coming to Portofino for its exclusive parties and breathtaking views. This usually quiet fishing village with just over 500 permanent residents is transformed into a high-luxury favorite in summer sun when jet-setters drop the anchors of their enormous yachts in its quaint harbour, which the colourful town is clustered around.

    Boutiques, art galleries, cafes and restaurants line the tiny streets creating the perfect setting to wander about after experiencing popular local pastimes such as weaving through picture-perfect cliffside gardens and gazing at yachts framed by the sapphire Ligurian Sea and the cliffs of Santa Margherita, there is also a lovely hike up to Portofino’s Castello Brown, offering some of the best views of the the Portofino Marina. Visitors engage in activities such as diving to some spectacular nearby shipwrecks or the 2.5 meter bronze statue famously known as the Christ of the Abyss, or visiting nearby villages or cities such as Santa Margerita Ligure, Rapallo or even Genoa.



    Spend your days in Portofino

    Enjoy the best of Portofino by spending your days in this harboured town shopping for some of the best top-end luxury brands, unwinding in a harbour restaurant such as Da Puny or the Taverna Del Marinaio. Take hikes to spectacular sights such as the Castello Brown, go fishing or explore the nearby coastline.




    Cinque Terre Daytrip

    Embark on a private daytrip with a luxury transfer from your hotel to Cinque Terre, a romantic excursion that will allow you to explore the spectacular pastel towns and fantastic scenery of the Ligurian Coast. Your tour with a licensed guide will wind you through the pebbled streets, lush, green vineyards, jagged ocean cliffs, and colourful houses of the 5 villages that make up the Cinque Terre.




    Portofino has a mostly moderate climate; however the months of July and August can feel warm because the higher temperatures (averaging approximately eighty five to ninety degrees during the day) can be exacerbated by the humidity. Despite this, there are sometimes cool breezes coming off of the water and most visitors find that the days are relatively pleasant. In the late spring and early autumn, visitors will find that they get the best of both worlds, with the temperatures being cooler and slightly less humid during the day but not especially colder at night.

    Winter is also a pleasant time to visit the area. Temperatures get cooler but almost never drop below freezing. Travelers coming from colder parts of the world will enjoy the warmer Mediterranean temperatures during this time.